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Watch the video below from Tom Aldridge, the owner of Suburban Pest Management, explain how we carry out Possum Control to Queensland homes:

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"Highly recommend Suburban Pest Management they have provided pest control for us for 5 years now. "

Possums – cute but hazardous.

While possums might look cute and harmless, they can put your house or the business in a big discomfort if they manage to establish their new dwelling at your place.

They cause a lot of noise at night. They chew on your electrical wires and their droppings and urine can present a health risk.

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Seamless possum removal process.


First, we catch all the existing possums that have found dwelling in your house. Our traps are humane and cause no damage to the animal.


After we catch these uninvited residents then we relocate them. As possums are protected species, local laws must be followed which means they cannot be relocated more than 25m from where they were caught.




Sealing off the gap where they enter your house is the most important step in this process. Possums are very clever and they will do anything to get back into the house.

Also, we will set the trap in a sealed off area to catch any possums that might now be trapped inside. The last thing we want is to have a dead, soon-to-be rotting possum inside your house.

Seal Off

Watch the video below from Tom Aldridge, the owner of Suburban Pest Management, walk you through in-depth on how we carry out Possum Control to your home.

3 reasons to choose Suburban Pest Management.

With affordable, competitive pricing, you will get the best price-to-quality ratio you can find on the market.

We capture your pests, not your wallets!



A poorly performed pest control can easily end up in a nightmare. Unprofessional technicians often turn situations from bad to worse. That's why we only employ highly-qualified and experienced pest technicians to deliver smooth and hassle-free service.



Our focus is controlling the current infestation and giving recommendations for preventative measures. All possum treatments are guaranteed for 1 month after the treatment is carried out. 



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Our pest-free, happy customers.

Awesome thorough inspection by the two fellas today, very pleasant and had a laugh with them, i will definitely use this company again, have a great weekend boys and enjoy the footy.

Fiona Collie

15 April 2016

We live in Brisbane and have used Suburban Pest for a number of years now and would highly recommend their services. Very friendly staff and great service always. Thanks guys.

Peter Jonsson

9 months ago

When our home was diagnosed with termites, a friend recommended Suburban Pest Management. They swung into action, immediately taking charge, and giving us peace of mind... Read More

stan ley

9 months ago

Highly recommend Suburban Pest Management they have provided pest control for us for 5 years now. We receive professionalism from both the office and Paul everytime. If your looking for pest control these are your guys!

Frankie Sotiriou

9 months ago

Frequently asked questions.

A: The products we use are rigorously tested and designed to have no adverse affects on your health and to have minimal impact on the natural environment.

Our Integrated Pest Management approach allows us to use an effective combination of treatment methods that avoid the unnecessary use of pest control products to ensure your family and pets are safe.

Q: Is the treatment safe?

A: Yes, depending on the treatment being carried out. Not all treatments rely on just Chemical application. We can use other methods in conjunction with Chemical treatments which will alter changes in the environment to assist in gaining control of any pests.

We also employ various trapping techniques to assist in this. As always, for peace of mind, we would ask that pets are kept away from our technician whilst spraying is being carried out.

Q: Is it safe for me to be home during treatment?

A: We provide service warranties for most pest treatments carried out. We offer a 12 month* warranty on the following pests when combined in one package:

  • Cockroaches (internally)
  • Ants (internally)
  • Spiders (externally)
  • Silverfish (internally)

In the unlikely event of any pest returning to your home, we will return to treat the pest at no additional charge to you! If you have a termite problem, your technician will advise you on the life warranties available for the treatment required.

*Can vary depending on infestation

*Individual warranties apply to single treatments

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: No. We use special gel baits that are easily and accurately placed to hinges and cracks and crevices within cupboards in the kitchen and other wet areas. 

We do ask however that you ensure all open food packaging is placed away before treatment as a safety precaution as a light band spray treatment would generally be applied at skirting board level in the wet areas.

Q: Do I need to remove crockery and utensils from my kitchen before you treat?

A: Yes, if you are cutting concrete, adding concrete and/or plumbing or building in rooms, then chances are you will need some form of Pre-construction termite treatment.

Give us a call if you are unsure, as this can be determined either over the phone or from a site visit. Keep it mind that it is more cost effective and easier to protect these areas during renovation than after the work has been completed.

Q: Do I need termite protection if I’m only renovating?

A: Typically, if you are only having the inside of your home treated, we would recommend that you vacuum and mop your floors prior to our arrival as the longer the treatment can be left between cleans, the more effective it is going to be.

Cleaning the outside of your home is entirely up to you. If you have the house cleaned prior to our arrival, this will ensure that the pests don’t re-infest as the Chemical residual will remain for a quick knock down. Should you clean the outside of the home after treatment, we recommend not doing this for approximately 2 weeks after treatment, to ensure any new pest (ie: hatching spiders) come into contact with the Chemical residual before cleaning any webbing down.

Q: Should I clean my house before or after treatment?

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